Rules of Entry

In This Document:- 
• Exhibition Rules 
• Online Entry 
• Entry Fees 
• Exhibition Calendar 
• The Selectors 
• Awards 


The exhibition is open to all photographers in the UK / CI / IofM. 
Entry is made online. 
Images must be submitted in JPEG (ie .jpg) file format only. No other form of image will be accepted. 
Identification of the photographer is not permitted anywhere in the image itself or in the title.  
There are four categories:  
• Colour Images (COL)  
• Monochrome Images (MON)  
• Natural History Images (NH)  
• Experimental/Creative Images (CRE) 
Please read FAQs for category definitions and revised Natural History Rules - 2018 PAGB rules apply. 
No more than 4 images may be entered in any one category, ie. a total of 16 images for the exhibition. The same image may not be entered in more than one category. 
Images should be a maximum of 1600 pixels in width and 1200 in height. Note THIS IS A LANDSCAPE FORMAT: 1600 WIDE x 1200 HIGH. Portrait format images should be a maximum of 1200 pixels high and width as required. Images smaller than these maximum dimensions will automatically have a black background applied to take it to the judging dimension of 1600x1200. Images will be projected for judging with a controlled colour space to sRGB 
All entries must have originated as a photograph, either film or digital and been taken by the entrant, Generative AI or computer generated images are not permitted. Images may be manipulated, with the exception of Natural History images where the 2018 PAGB Nature rules apply - see FAQs, however all manipulation and any adjustments must have been done by the entrant. 
Original camera image/RAW files may be requested to confirm conformance with Non-Generative AI & Nature rules. see FAQs. 
Images accepted in a previous Vale of Evesham Exhibition, or which, in the opinion of the organisers, are too similar to those accepted in a previous Vale of Evesham Exhibition are not eligible, including mono versions of previously accepted colour images and vica versa. Any Image or Similar Image may not be entered into more than one section, including mono versions of a colour image also entered. To assist, provided that you are entering using the same email as previous entries, then there is a menu options, after signing-in, which lists your previous acceptances back to 2015. 
The organisers reserve the right to withhold from posting on the web any entry which they consider to be undesirable in content. 
All entrants must be aware that any accepted images will be viewable in an Exhibition Catalogue, on a CD, used to promote the Exhibition and posted on the Website for the duration of the Exhibition. 
Images may be used in the promotion or marketing of the exhibition and in press and magazines. 
We make available for purchase a PC-Compatible CD containing sealed shows of accepted images which adjust to the available computer screen size. This will allow individuals and clubs to see the full selection of acceptances. 
The organisers will make every effort to deter viewers from downloading the images from the website or CD, but authors must realise that this is a possibility. Copyright of any part or whole of the image resides with the author and he/she must accept that his/her work may be downloaded from the website or CD. 
Any image downloaded however, will not be of good enough quality for reproduction in any other media. Entrants agree to their details being stored on the exhibition computer database. 


See Menu Option "How to Enter" for more details. 
After payment no further amendments to your entry are possible without contacting the exhibition. 
An email will be sent to you listing details of your entry. 
After the selection a report card will be emailed giving your image scores 6 to 15 and listing any acceptances/awards. Please check your spam folder if not received. 
Also after the selection days your "Report Card" can also be viewed as a menu item on-line having first signed-in to the website 


Cost of entry is £1.50 per image, with a minimum entry fee of £6.00 covering 4 images.  
There is a limit of 4 entries per category that you can enter. You can therefore enter a maximum of 16 images, four each in four categories.  
The minimum entry fee is for the whole exhibition and not per category.  
You could, therefore, enter one image in each of the four categories OR three in one category and one in another etc for your £6.00 minimum fee covering 4 images. 
In addition the exhibition make available for £5.00 a Windows PC-Compatible CD containing sealed shows of accepted images which adjust to the available computer screen size. This will allow individuals and clubs to see the full selection of acceptances. 
Cheques and Postal Orders should be made payable to:-

Evesham Camera Club

nb. Not as previously to VECC.  
Please remember, return postage is not required as all entries will be destroyed.  
Postage of your Acceptance Notification and Printed Catalogue are included in your entry fee.  
All entrants will receive a Catalogue listing all accepted images and also reproductions in colour & black & white, as appropriate, of a selection of the award winning images.  
For assistance/queries please email or telephone 01386-556746 


Entries will be received from 1st January 2024.  
Online entries and fees must be received by 29th February 2024.  
Any received after that date will not be eligible.  
Selection Days are 9th and 10th March 2024.  
Exhibition posted on the Website on 12th April 2024.  
The Website will be viewable until December 2024. 
Notifications and Catalogues sent out to all entrants, 20th April 2024.  


  • Andrea Hargreaves MPAGB, FIPF, AWPS, BPE4 - Colour, Experimental & Natural History
  • David Gibbins ARPS, APAGB, EFIAP/b, BPE5 - Experimental, Monochrome & Natural History
  • Graham Walton DPAGB - Colour, Monochrome & Experimental
  • John Chamberlin FRPS, APAGB, MFIAP, FBPE - Colour, Monochrome & Natural History


    Gold & Silver PAGB medals will be awarded for best and runner up images in each category.  
    Selectors medals - Three VECC selectors medals will be awarded in each category.  
    Highly Commended and Commended Images will be awarded appropriate Ribbons.